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Comparing Early Ideas about Hypnosis with Modern Ones

To understand the place hypnosis has in our society, its future direction and pathways, we must examine its history and the many ways humans have used hypnotic states to understand themselves and the world around them past and present. Hypnosis has been used for the purpose of healing in every civilisation throughout time. It is… Read more »

Smoking Cessation

The Benefits to Smoking Cessation

  Hypnotherapists help many smokers achieve their goal of quitting on a regular basis. It is well known area of our work and the results we produce are quite astounding – that is why so many ex-smokers send their friends and family members to us. Deciding to become a smoker is not a decision that… Read more »

Cognitive hypnotherapy

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive hypnotherapy is applied throughout all my hypnotherapy practice. This is based on the theory that everyone has the resources they need to make the differences they want in their life.  Cognitive hypnotherapy is an interactive therapy where the therapist acts as a guide.  The principle being that the client can find their own solutions with… Read more »

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What is Analytical Hypnotherapy?

Analytical Hypnotherapy is used to discover and remove the originating cause of the problem. This is based on the theory that every effect (symptom) must have a cause. Hypno Analysis aims to find and release the cause of the problem allowing the symptoms to disappear.  Emotional problems respond particularly well to Hypnoanalysis.  With Analytical Therapy… Read more »


Relationship Issues and Hypnotherapy

Do you want to improve your relationship or find success in a new relationship? Sometimes in our lives, we can find that our relationships don’t always run true to course.  There are many ways in which relationship problems can arise, for example:- Relationship issues within marriage Overcoming problems in a long distance relationship Friends or colleagues… Read more »

panic attack

Panic attacks and how to use hypnotherapy for calm

If you have ever been so scared that you have feared for your life, you will know what panic feels like. You will have experienced an overwhelming sense of dread, your heart would have been thumping and you would have found it hard to catch your breath.  In some cases these intense feelings and associated… Read more »

anger management

Anger Management 

If any of the following have happened, you may benefit from professional help:- Your behaviour has led you to break the law You are violent towards your partner, family, pets or others You deliberately break things or damage property You regularly argue with those close to you You constantly feel angry but feel unable to… Read more »


Treating depression with hypnosis

For any mental health problem, as your first port of call you should always contact your GP. Depression is a common psychological disorder.  Anyone can become depressed.  It is more than just feeling unhappy, bored or fed up.  If feelings don’t go away within two weeks or so it may be time to seek professional… Read more »


Hypnotherapy for Stress & Anxiety Management

Stress & anxiety management are two of the main reasons for people seeking hypnotherapy. Importantly, many people who come for hypnotherapy for issues such as insomnia, nail biting, smoking cessation and weight loss etc, will report stress and anxiety as playing a significant part in their problem or habit. Stress and anxiety are everywhere in… Read more »


Hypnotherapy to help with confidence & self-esteem

Hypnosis helps to remove unhelpful beliefs and confusing interference in the way you talk to yourself, therefore enabling you to focus on what you really want. You can then start to develop new and exciting beliefs. Your self -confidence will improve because it was always there anyway. We are all born with confidence. Generally, it’s… Read more »