What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive hypnotherapy

Cognitive hypnotherapy is applied throughout all my hypnotherapy practice.

This is based on the theory that everyone has the resources they need to make the differences they want in their life.  Cognitive hypnotherapy is an interactive therapy where the therapist acts as a guide.  The principle being that the client can find their own solutions with the aid of skilled assistance.  The therapist is not involved as a controlling agent or some-one who dictates what is best to the client.  The hypnotherapist works within the clients model and experience of the world and supports them in reaching their own solutions, in changing the way they think about situations and habits etc.

Traditional hypnotherapy can sometimes be a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which can be heavily dependent on scripts.  However, I believe that we are all unique individuals and experience the world and our situation in our own individual ways.  Our problems are often the result of miscalculations our brains make about things when we are younger,  which will vary from person to person, so each solution established in cognitive hypnotherapy needs to be tailored to each individual.

During each hypnotherapy session I will listen to each client and use the most appropriate technique for their individual needs. These can be taken from a range of disciplines and put together to best suit the way each client thinks.

Cognitive hypnotherapy provides a facility for each client to find the best way to reach a solution for their problems in a manner that is unique to them.  It is an active partnership which involves both the client and the therapist.  I believe that everyone has everything they need to solve their problem, they just need help finding it.

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