Pregnancy & Childbirth

Anxiety can be reduced throughout pregnancy by the use of hypnosis and education regarding the physiological processes that occur during pregnancy and child birth.

Hypnosis for Labour and Natural Childbirth

Natural Childbirth allows Mother and baby to be free from the side effects of medication. With the use of Hypnosis pain can often be well controlled by reducing levels of anxiety using relaxation techniques, therefore aiding a natural child birth and hopefully eliminating the need for any medication, which may sedate Mum and Baby thus preventing the normal and natural progression of labour and delivery.

Anxiety and pain can also be reduced when clients are well educated in the Physiological process of childbirth.
All sessions will include education and relaxation techniques.

Expectant mothers should have an initial consultation around the beginning of the second trimester where ever possible. In order to establish a birthing plan and also to assess suitability for a Hypnobirthing programme.
However relaxation techniques can be taught to most pregnant ladies even those experiencing complications providing the client is willing and able to participate fully in the process of learning these techniques.